Studio Session – Self-Portrait Shooting

I was shooting my next project in the studio today and I decided to bring you a little “behind the scenes” post. 😀

As I have mentioned before in my Studio Tour post, having my own home studio is just amazing. I feel like I am much more productive than ever before.

Okay, let’s get started!

Let me show you very quickly how a typical shooting session goes when I am my own model. 🙂

As always I used my stand and backdrop (white this time), two softboxes, a tripod, a stool, my camera and my little remote.

Nikkor 24-70 mm lens
Nikkor 24-70 mm lens

The lens I used was a 24-70 mm Nikkor lens. To be honest with you, I have bought this baby last year and I haven’t used anything else since. It’s just perfect for the type of photography I do and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Snazaroo face paint
Face pain

I also used some face paint for this particular image. I have been planning this picture for a while and I am happy with how the raw images turned out. Of course, I will show you the finished piece here, on the blog and the print will be available in the webshop soon.

A little bit about my setup.

Editing in Photoshop

I don’t need much space when I’m shooting my self-portraits (which is great because I don’t have a huge space to work with 🙂 ) as I usually take head shots.

Typically, I position my tripod around 1 meter from the backdrop. I use two soft boxes for most of my portraits (unless I want dramatic shadows on one side) and I position them on both sides of the tripod and in line with it and use 50 mm focal length.

I set the camera to auto focus and use a handheld remote to take the pictures.

Taking my self-portraits usually takes up to 3-4 hours when it is only one piece and not a series.

Now I just have to edit the raw image. 🙂


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