Monthly Photo – (Pl)aesthetic, 2018 series

My art is often associated with death and sadness, because of my style of photography. I certainly want to create a sense of loneliness and darkness thorough my images. Because I want to make people think about the story behind the image in front of them.

However I also want to show that bad experiences and feelings are unavoidable and necessary to develop, grow and shape as a human being. Even though looking at my images could give the impression of sadness, the message I want to convey is positive.

(Pl)aesthetic, Pink, 2018

In 2018 I started the project, (Pl)aesthetic which was inspired by these comments and feedback about my images being very dark. It is true that using vivid, intense colours is very unusual in my work. I decided to create something different from my “usual” art, focusing only on the aesthetic. Giving meaning to the images by having no meaning, showing that an image can be “pretty” and pleasing to the eye with no meaning behind it.

I am very happy with the finished images because I do love colours. Having said that, I feel like most of the time I simply can’t use vivid colours in my photographic work. Due to the themes I like to explore, I use darker and less saturated colours to achieve that “dreamy” look.

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