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A5 Magazine issue

Hi There! This is the first post in a new section on the blog I have been thinking about starting for a while. Being featured in art magazines is such a great opportunity for artists to grow and get the exposure their work deserves so I decided to start the “Art Magazine Review” topic.

The first magazine I would like to talk about here is the A5 Zine Portfolio Magazine.

First, let me tell you why I think it is extremely important to share your work on these platform.

My images in A5 Magazine

So here is the deal.

Having a website and social media sites dedicated to your art is a great start. However it is likely that the right people won’t see your artwork.

Besides posting your work online on your own sites, I would strongly recommend submitting them to open calls of various art magazines.

Be careful!

There are many scams out there! They usually find artists on social media and email them with publication opportunities. Always do your research before you say yes to any of them! Especially because for the chance to be featured in these magazines you have to pay. A lot.

So let’s see why I recommend A5 Magazine to you. πŸ™‚

A5 Magazine

A5 Magazine is a monthly publication. As they explain on their website, A5 Magazine is an industry focused art zine. Our goal is to draw attention to self representing artists. ο»Ώ

They have an open call every month for the next issue. Visit their submission page to find out all the information you need on how to make a submission.

Submissions are 100% FREE! You only have to pay for the magazine itself if they select your work. (And only if you would like to own your own copy of course. πŸ™‚ )

My images from (Pl)aesthetic, 2018 in A5 Magazine.

So here is a few info on the magazine itself: the size of every issue is A5 (obviously…) and the pages have a matte finish. Given that it is a portfolio magazine, they only publish full-page images with the name and contact information of each artist.

A5 Magazine featured my photographs multiple times and I can’t recommend them enough. πŸ™‚ You can check my biography to find these publications.

The submission process always goes very smoothly. I always get an email to confirm that my submission was successful. Similarly, they notify me straight away if they select my submitted work for publication in the next issue. This email contains a link where I can pre-order the magazine. I never had any problem with my orders. They always arrive almost on the official publication date in perfect condition (thanks to the do not bend sticker they use πŸ˜‰ ).

Another advantage is that the magazine regularly post images of featured artists on social media which is a great way to get noticed also.

I think A5 Magazine is one of the best platforms for my photographs. Most of my images are very β€œpainterly”. There are no real blacks or whites, the mid-tones are very dominant. So the matte finish of the pages of the magazine suits my images perfectly.

Make sure you follow A5 Magazine on Instagram and Twitter also!

I hope you enjoyed the first article in the “Art Magazine Review”. Let me know about your experiences if you’ve ever worked with this magazine.

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