My name is Anett Udud. I am a Hungarian visual artist, based in Dublin, Ireland. I was a self-taught photographer for 2 years. In September, 2016 I went to college to further develop my skills. Since then, I believe I have developed a unique, personal style in my work. I think my artwork can be defined as conceptual fine art photography. However, it is not easy to specify what type of photography I do. All in all, in my artwork I combine painting and photography. By doing so, I am able to create dream-like scenes mostly from my imagination.

Art has played a very important part in my life, growing up. I have loved drawing and painting, since I can remember. I won many art competitions during my 8 years in primary school. This was, I believe, the first step towards my future as an artist, without even realizing it. The impact of painting on my photographic work is apparent.

I also love reading, especially science fiction and fantasy books. Books I have read over the years also inspired me hugely as an artist. Looking at my art, the impact of books is, in my opinion, also visible. There are certain themes in my art I always go back to. One of these themes is the connection between fantasy and reality. I like to play with the idea of things as they actually are and can be seen and experienced, and things which exist in only our imagination.

I got into photography in 2013, when I moved from Hungary to Ireland. Especially at the beginning, I was very lonely. Most of all, it was sort of a therapy for me, then it slowly became my passion. It has always been probably one of the most important aspect of my photography to be able to relate to the subject of my art. As a result, every artwork of mine is based on my own feelings and experiences, therefore they are incredibly personal.

So I got my first camera in 2013. I started experimenting with it straight away. From the start, I felt like taking pictures of things, which are in front of me, is not what I was looking for. Therefore I was never happy with the finished work. I was missing a tool. The tool to turn my ideas into reality. Then I have found Photoshop and fell in love with it. It gives me all the options and tools I need to achieve the look I want to. It also gives me complete freedom over how each image will look.

Another important aspect of my work is self-portraiture. When I started photography, I wasn’t confident enough in myself and my skills, as I was still learning, to ask anyone to be my model. Furthermore, I had a hard time making friends in Ireland. That’s why I started taking pictures of myself in the first place. For now, self-portraiture is one of the main part of my portfolio. Most of the time, through my images, I want to show feelings, which are very hard to define. So, in these cases, I feel like I can only create something “real” if I am the model.

Would you like to know more about my artist story? You can read my Artist Statement here.

Griffith College, Dublin

I studied photography at Griffith College, Dublin. I graduated in May, 2017. My studies have covered a broad range of topics. The subjects included History of Art & Photography and Studio Photography and more. These modules have been practical in nature. My studies have allowed me to experience many different aspects of photography. I achieved a distinction in my studies. As part of my Certificate I completed a final project, which is especially relevant to my personal projects. My project was titled “Possessions”. Through this assignment I wanted to show how the act of ‘letting go’ can develop and form the human individual. In conclusion, this project allowed me to express myself in my own way. It also allowed me to put the skills I have learned to use.

Szent László Gimnázium és Közgazdasági Szakközépiskola, Mezőkövesd 

I took my érettségi (the Hungarian equivalent of the Leaving Certificate) in 2012.

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