Artist Statement

Artist StatementTHE BEGINNING

Art has always been one of the most important things in my life. I have been drawing and painting since I can remember; I think the inspiration came from my grandmothers. Both of my grannies are very good at drawing and handicraft. Their passion about art was a real encouragement to me to start drawing when I was little. Art became a huge part of my life.

Primary School

I got more serious about drawing and painting in primary school, mainly because I had an amazing art teacher. Every Friday I attended an extra-curricular art group with my best friend, we usually stayed for hours after classes. Looking back now I am very grateful for those sessions. Without even realizing it they became the first step towards my future as an artist.

During my eight years in primary school I regularly entered art competitions and I usually went home with an award. It was an amazing experience, mainly because it gave me confidence in myself and my work. I also had the chance to travel around Hungary and attend the award ceremonies, where I could meet with other artists and art curators. It was an amazing experience at such a young age (I was only 10-13 at the time).

Secondary School

Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy my art classes in secondary very much. I felt like I didn’t have a chance to express myself through art in school anymore as the curriculum was very strict.

But art remained my passion during this time all the same. During my time in secondary school I travelled a lot and by doing so I felt like the world opened up for me. I saw how huge it is with all the possibilities around me. I wanted to document my trips so I took pictures of the places I visited. It was just a hobby back then. I didn’t even think about it as something I could do in the future.


My life has changed completely in 2013, when I decided to move from Hungary to Ireland.  Although moving to a different country was the biggest adventure of my life (and now I can say probably the best decision I have ever made), the first few months were extremely hard and emotional. I didn’t even realize how hard it was going to be until I left.

That’s when I started drawing again. It was amazing how much it helped me in many ways. Then one day I simply decided I wanted to create something more realistic then my drawings. Back then I knew absolutely nothing about photography. So I started reading about cameras and lenses. I decided to buy my first professional camera and started experimenting with it.


From the very first time I took pictures with my camera I felt like taking pictures of things which were literally in front of me and creating “realistic” pictures are not what I was looking for. I was never satisfied with the finished work. As I had loads of ideas from my imagination I wanted to create, I felt like I can’t turn these pictures in my head into reality just with the camera. I was looking for more effective ways to express myself.

In order to achieve this, I started using Photoshop to edit my images and I have fallen in love with the program immediately. I watched hundreds of videos and tutorials almost every day for a year to learn how to use the tools effectively. I was experimenting every day, made mistakes, started it all over again and made more mistakes. It was a very exciting journey, I enjoyed every minute of it.


Every time a picture-idea came to my mind I got a piece of paper and drew a picture of it. By the time I started photographing my ideas I had a whole book full of sketches. I made notes to myself, because I might have had an idea but I didn’t actually start working on it for months. Keeping a “diary” with sketches means that I can just go back to my ideas and start working on them whenever I want to.

Once I had a plan and knew exactly how I want my final picture to look like I started watching videos and reading blogs on specific things I wanted to achieve in my images. After two years looking back to the pictures I started experimenting with I felt like I have learnt a lot as a visual artist. I wanted to study the technical side of photography and further develop my skills.


In 2016, I decided to go to college. It was one of the biggest decisions of my life and I have been contemplating a lot before I made my final decision. I decided to go to Griffith College in Dublin which is a private art college. I set my mind to this goal and started saving money for it. In 2017, I graduated and now with my qualification as a photographer I can say it was a great decision to go to college and study what I love. The biggest advantage of college was that it gave me the push I needed to put my work out there.

I had been selected for my very first exhibition “Beyond your Fear” organized by TedX in Griffith College. By getting accepted to this exhibition (which now don’t seems as big of a deal as it was back then) I learnt that i have to take chances. Otherwise I don’t even give myself the chance to become the artist I want to be.

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